Some Steals on LikeTwice!

LikeTwice is an online thrift store that only sells name brand clothing. They get new stuff in daily, so I usually carouse the site to see what deals they have in my size. I noticed quite a few awesome deals and even though these things aren't in my size I still wanted to share these deals for those of you who could totally rock these looks!

Also, when you sign up with my link HERE you will get a $10.00 credit! That means that you can get one of these items UNDER $10.00 SHIPPED!

Also, I found a 10% off coupon in my inbox! Use TTHOB2ORIDKA at checkout!

I have personally ordered from the site, and I'm in love with it! They shipped so fast, and I was able to get myself an awesome black DKNY Blazer for only $10.00! (I like wearing blazers with jeans and hats, lol) It fits great, but the arm length is a tad bit too long so as soon as I hem it, I'll try it on and show you guys! I am only 5"2 and I have short arms, ha ha ha!

Let me show you what deals I spotted tonight:

 I so wish the 2 ruffled dresses were in my size! Ugh, they are too cute! I check the site at least once a week to see if I can score some cute dresses and work pants. I honestly hate paying full price for work pants because I have to hem them myself (I guess designers think short people are a fairy tale?) and it usually takes me a while to actually make the time to do so. It's a great site though...they seriously had my blazer to me in 4 days! I recommend this site to everyone that I know, and I hope that you guys find something sweet and sassy for your wardrobes!

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