More Additions to the Blog! (Hair, Nails and Skin!!!)

Hey guys! I have an awesome announcement! You guys have asked and I've been listening!

I will be making some changes to my blog to include Nails, Hair AND Skin!

I am making a tutorial right now on how to do your own Gel Nails from home! (You've asked for it for about a year now, so keep checking back often!)

I will also be posting a page all about Lactic Acid Peels and how I do my own at home for super freaking CHEAP!

Also, I will be sharing my secrets with Hair Extensions, reviewing them as well as hair accessories and styling products.

Some of you have also asked for me to show/review my super cheap jewelry...It's in the works!

Thank you guys for being so awesome and stopping by my page!

If there's anything specific you'd like to see or if you have any suggestions at all, please let me know!


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