Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Coral Gleam

I am a sucker for corals! I haven't tried any of the Colorsensational Lipsticks until today. I ended up purchasing 15 shades, and I trying them and letting you guys know a bit more about them.

Olive skin tones do well with corals and peaches, so I purchased a few shades for myself (Yay!) and I thoroughly enjoy the product overall.

  Coral Gleam is a nice shimmery nude peach shade with small flecks of silver glitter. The glitter is very fine and evenly dispersed. It goes on somewhat sheer, but with 3 swipes the coverage is nearly full. I like that because I honestly was looking for a coral-ish shade that could pass as an almost nude lippie for when I wanted to be subtle but still have a teensy splash of color on my face. The consistency is a nice creamy one and this lipstick has a scent that reminds me of something--but I cannot remember what it is. When it comes to longevity, this isn't the greatest. It lasts maybe a few hours tops without other products to keep it in place. I enjoy the color quite a bit so I honestly do not mind reapplying it while visiting the powder room. Right now the color is almost completely gone, but there are still tiny traces of shimmer on my lips. Instead of reapplying it, I could just layer on a thin layer of clear gloss or chapstick and due to the shimmer left behind, it would work quite nicely as it is.

On to the pics:

 Top swatch is 2 layers. Bottom swatch is 3.

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried it?

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