Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elf High Definition Powder (New Shades!)

So, I had been wanting to update an old post of mine and add the 2 newer shades, but I just kept forgetting to do so. (Sorry about that guys, I have the attention span of a gnat)

 Top Left: Translucent, Top Right: Shimmer, Bottom: Corrective Yellow
 Corrective Yellow
 Left To Right With Flash: Translucent, Shimmer, Corrective Yellow
(The swatch in this picture is caked on for pigmentation/shimmer purposes for the Camera Flash)
 Left To Right: Translucent, Shimmer, Corrective Yellow
(Applied normally with flash)

Let me start off with my dislikes first:

The ONLY problem I have with this product (and I'm referring to the Translucent shade) is the fact that it DOES NOT DO WELL WITH HIGH FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. As a Makeup Artist, it kills me that it fails the "High Flash" test. It's so hard to find a great setting powder that works well for professional photography, and I wish SO HARD that this would work because it's a VERY nice setting powder and it helps achieve an "airbrushed" and "youthful" look without the editing! The flash just bounces off and reflects making the skin of the wearer white as a sheet. However, I found that the corrective Yellow works far more in the ways of professional photography than the translucent, so I'm pretty happy about that. If you have medium to dark skin, I would suggest using the Corrective Yellow shade as it gives more of a natural and warm look rather than the Translucent.

And also, this didn't really bother me because I do not use "puff" applicators, but according to a few peeps that I know, the puff sucks. I only use brushes, so like it's not really a downside for me.  Honestly, a brush is the best way to go with this want an even distribution of the powder to get a nice "photoshopped" finish.

Let's break it down by Shade:


This is perfect as a setting powder to help create a smooth and more finished look. I would suggest this for paler skin tones, and also to avoid High Flash Environments, unless you wanna look like a dead person. If that's what you're going for, then it's obviously not a problem, lol!


This is my fave of the 3 shades. It helps to conceal skin discolorations, scars, etc. but it's not a just helps a tad. You are still going to need regular concealer and foundation, but the very light pigmentation of this product will help to even out skin "irregularities." Like I mentioned before, this shade is perfect for everyone who isn't pale.


Oh man! This is such a fun product! First and foremost, the glitter/shimmer is evenly dispersed throughout the product, and it applies evenly as well. the sparkle particles are so tiny and fine. It makes for a beautiful eyeshadow by itself, shimmer atop your fave cheek color, wondrous highlighter for the decolette area, collar bones, legs, face, arms, and anywhere else you have the desire to put it. Seriously, try it on your brow bone AND collar bone!

Now over a year ago I decided to test out the Elf one in Translucent on one side of my face as well as the Makeup Forever version on the other half. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Makeup Forever wore off so much quicker! That's when I started researching Elf Cosmetics and vowed to try their other items, lol. I just couldn't believe that a $6.00 product trumped a more expensive one. I felt the need to start a blog to share with everyone else in the world. For lots of guys, the internet is for porn. For lots of ladies, the internet is a super highway of information that we want to suck in like a sponge...and do fabulous things such as:

  • Fix a toilet when we live by ourselves
  • Have online shopping sprees
  • Research cosmetics, their uses etc.
  • Meet guys
  • Social Networking (Meet guys?)

I kid, I kid. But seriously, we enjoy lots of shit that's informational. And stuff...

Would I repurchase these items again? Yes. Well, maybe not the Translucent one. If you want something similar that's better with a camera flash, you should try Elf's Mineral Booster. It does the trick.
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