Who doesn't need more accessories!? I surely do! (Ha ha ha!) I've been a member of this site for a few months and have placed 2 orders so far. I LOVE costume jewelry. Seriously, I have some ugly and amazing necklaces and bracelets in my jewelry box and I love EVERY SINGLE ONE in there.

Visit DailyLook.com where they are offering up a FREE $10.00 CREDIT! You will not see this $10.00 credit until you actually add an item to your cart and start the checkout process. TO MAKE THINGS BETTER– you can also use the promo code SALE50 to score an additional 50% off ALL sale items! Also, the $10 credit will go towards the $5.95 shipping costs, which means you can score a super cheap or completely FREE item shipped to your home!

Here's an Example:

To make sure you get the discounts, please follow these steps:

-Go HERE and sign up for an account to get your $10 store credit.
-Check around the site for an item that you’d like. I browsed the sale section and spotted this bracelet for  $5.95, so 50% off that sale price with the promo code SALE50
-Now start the checkout process. You will be required to enter your credit card information (even if your order is free). You have to enter your payment information FIRST before you can proceed to the final checkout page to enter the promo code and apply your store credit.
-On the final checkout page, scroll all the way down and you should see your $10 store credit and the option to apply it to your cart. After applying it, scroll up and enter the promo code SALE50 (if you purchased a sale item).

Let me know what you guys end up getting!

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