20 Cute Ebay Jewelry Finds! (From $0.90- $5.00)

I'm a HUGE Ebayer. I have been purchasing from this site for about 10 years now. My guy has moved back in with me and let's face it--ladies LOVE going on dates. Now I feel totally weird that he sees me dresssed up in pajama pants and tank tops ALL of the time...so now that we are going to be seeing more of each other it's time to doll up!

That's where Ebay comes in! I'm on a budget, and to my friends I'm like the superhero of all things cute and frugal.I cannot tell you how many times I've been stopped and questioned where I get my jewelry. It was an ongoing thing for years, so I purchased necklaces for my lady friends for birthdays and Christmas because they loved my accessories so much.

Well since I'm looking for accessories, cheap and chic clothes and stuff of the like, I'm going to share my findings with you guys. :)


These are awesome! You can wear them with a Tshirt or a dress and pull off something fun and snazzy just by adding these sweet little (and big) pieces!

I adore this one! I found this HERE on eBay for $4.56 shipped. This one is versatile. You can pair this with a dress, with a tee and a cardigan, even a sweater and leggings to add a bit of fun and Art Deco-Gatsby style to any outfit.

This one is what some people call a "Sweater Chain." Basically a sweater chain is simply a long necklace that looks pretty hip when paired with a sweater or cardigan. I have quite a few styles of sweater chains I have purchased from eBay and I am debating on making posts with pics and Outfits of the Day so you guys can see how cute they really are. I found this one HERE for $0.90 shipped.

I actually have a necklace VERY similar to this one. This is another sweater chain with a rabbit and some type as well. I have made quite a few purchases from this seller on the site and I have been very pleased with everything that I have. I found this HERE for $0.90 shipped.

I gotta admit that I love me some owls! I don't know when they became hip but I am so glad that they are! This one is freaking adorable! (so much so that I just purchased this one!) I found this one HERE for $0.90 shipped.

This one is kinda girly but cute and shabby. Pair this with a light colored cardigan, a pair of distressed skinny jeans and high heels. I found this one HERE for $0.90 shipped.

Collared necklaces are pretty in right now, and though I do not own one myself (yet, lol. It's in the mail and I should be getting it soon!) I think the open "lace" look is pretty cute and I could pull this off with a scooped collar or crew neck collared dress or shirt easy as pie. Do a messy up-do with my hair and maybe a pair of thigh high boots and a skirt. Sensible, fashionable and chic for a pretty sweet price. I found this one HERE for $0.90 shipped.

This is absolutely beautiful! The vintage inspired keys could be paired with almost anything in anyone's wardrobe! I found this HERE for $0.90 shipped.

I am a total sucker for anything that has to do with owls and peacocks. This piece reminds me of vintage necklaces from the 30's...Flashy, charming, enameled, and shiny. I found this one HERE for $0.90 shipped.

I own this necklace as well as my roommate. (I loved mine so much that I got one for her last Christmas) and it's such a cute piece! I have had so many compliments on it and I have seen the VERY SAME necklaces going for $20.00 online. Same design, same metal, EVERYTHING! I love steampunk and sci-fi stuff as well as vintage inspired pendants so this is one of my FAVE things in my jewelry box! You can find it HERE for $0.90 shipped. (I guess I really should post my jewelry box of ebay stuff so you guys can see what I have and how I wear the pieces!)

Here is another "Lace" necklace. I do own this one as well, and it's really gorgeous in person! The Victorian design looks stunning when paired with a dress or suit as well as an opened buttoned-down shirt for a peekaboo glimpse of gold lace atop your collar bone.
You can find it HERE for $2.12 shipped.

This has to be one of my fave necklace designs EVER. This is in my cart at the moment, and I will def. be purchasing this in the next week or two! It's steampunky, vintage, has a little bell and you can even see the inner watch workings on the back! How cool is that!? Freaking neat-o. You can find it HERE for $3.81 shipped.

This is a cute dainty piece. Perfect for a summer dress or a floral skirt. Boots and up-do optional!
I found this one HERE for $0.99 shipped.

I own this one and it's what I wear with my bomber jacket! I used to faux-hawk my hair a ton when I'd wear this for a chic yet punky look. The spikes are plastic, but I am glad that they are! If they were all metal, it would weigh too much, lol. I do get compliments on this one quite a bit, and it's a very spunky piece with a crap ton of attitude. ;) You can find it HERE for $2.23 shipped. This link also has matching earrings as well. Super cute!

These are belt-like wrap bracelets. You can choose which color you'd like, and I have been eyeing these for some time. I just can't make up my mind which color I'd wear more! You can find these HERE for $0.99 shipped.

This bracelet is pretty interesting. I have yet to see anyone in my region wearing one, and I like the appeal of it. It's punky, fun and would def. make an interesting conversation piece. You can find this one HERE for $0.90 shipped.

I have the necklace to match this bracelet, and it's so fun and cute! You can find more pics of this HERE and it's only $0.98 shipped.

This Bracelet is so 90's, which is fashionably awesome now. (Yep, the 90's fashion is making a comeback! Grab your flannel shirts and ripped up jeans, lol!) It's big, gaudy, and in your face.
You can find this one HERE for $0.99 shipped.

I think this bracelet's engraving speaks for itself. I like the rustic look of this one a lot actually. The metal engraved plate with the two studs looks pretty cool on the leather band. You can find this one HERE for $0.99 shipped.

Bracelets and Necklaces with words are making a pretty huge comeback as well. (I'm not sure if the fad ever really faded away?) This one is shiny, pretty and "love"ly. Ha ha ha. I tried to make a funny. Eh, whatevs. You can find this one HERE for $0.99 shipped.

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