Style For Less! Necklace DUPE!

I've been seeing these trendy pieces around lately. Not wanting to pay a ton of money, I went searching for something that is new and trendy but also in my budget range. Low and behold, look what I found!

This necklace is pretty sweet:

However, the price is NOT. I can't justify paying $42.00 for plastic beads (not including shipping)...BUT I did find this:

NO JOKE. The price of the second necklace is ONLY $5.74 INCLUDING SHIPPING! Bam!

You can find the cheaper necklace HERE.

I personally buy almost ALL of my jewelry from eBay. I have never been disappointed, and I have WAY TOO MUCH JEWELRY FOR ONE GIRL. I may end up throwing a necklace or two in a giveaway soon, ha ha ha!

I just wanted to let you guys in on this little fashion secret!

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