Monday, June 17, 2013

NYX is on hautelook!

I am super excited to announce that NYX is going on sale at hautelook! I myself am stocking up on a few things that I have been wanting to try, such as these products. (They have been on my wish list for waaaay too long. Also, the palette was normally $45.00 and is on sale for $27.00...NOT BAD!)

You can click here to check out the sale HERE!

Here's just a look at some of my most wanted NYX products!

 This lip trio is on sale for $11.00, Normally $18.00
 This Lip Trio is on sale for $11.00, Normally $18.00
 This Lip Trio is on sale for $9.00, Normally $15.00
 The Curve has been in so many magazines...This is def. what I'm getting! (I could always use help with my liquid liner.) This kit is on sale for $17.00 Normally $28.00.
 Also on my Super-Want List: This trio of Blush Sticks for only $11.00, Normally $18.00
 As you may have seen in many of my tutes, the NYX Eyeshadow Base is AHMAYZIING! This set is going for $12.50, and it Normally runs for $21.00 (seriously a GREAT deal!)
This Palette is on sale for $27.00, and it Normally runs for $45.00 (Not bad if you need more bold and nude shades! The palettes are always SUPER pigmented as well.)

 Hautelook has a never budging shipping rate of $6.95. Which is wonderful if you order a bunch of stuff.

The only downfall is that it usually takes 2-3 weeks for your order to reach your residence. This is because Hautelook actually places the order with the companies themselves, and the company sends it to them. (They have a deal worked out with each other.) I have ordered many times, and I am so glad that I have! The Pixi Pop sale had me going nuts, lol. I loved ALL of the products I had purchased. Let me know what you guys are lusting after! I might order it and review it, however, at these prices, it might be best to purchase whatever it is that has your eye!
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