New Elf Jumbo Eyeshadow Swatches!

These are my new Holy Grail Eyeshadow Base! I can't tell you guys how much I have used these in the few days I have had them...I must have changed my makeup 8 times in 3 days at LEAST--because the possibilities with these are nearly endless and I was very excited to try them!  It has a consistency of a cream eyeshadow, (a little of this goes a long way--no need to over-saturate) and it allows whatever eyeshadow you apply over the product to gently adhere to it and also helps to blend nicely. I do use a primer before my base due to the fact that these will obviously crease without. (It's a cream, guys) I so wish they would release more colors, like white! That would make my day! I LOVE using Midnight Rendezvous and Rock Out for a super quick smoky eye...the pair is wonderful together!

French Lace is my "Go-to" base for neutral looks now. My skin shade is light-medium, and this shade shows up subtly, soft and with a tiny sheen that is just gorgeous! French Lace is also good for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes, as well as Little Miss Thing (If you have darker skin, you'll LOVE this one!) Some of these are matte, some are chrome, some are glittery. Here's what's what!

CHROME: Little Miss Thing, Turkish Coffee, Bali Bound, Feeling Lucky, Rock Out, Forest Nymph,
MATTE: Like A Boss
GLITTER: Midnight Rendezvous, Check Me Out, French Lace

Now for Swatches!

From left to right:  Rock Out, Little Miss Thing, Check Me Out, Forest Nymph, Midnight Rendezvous, Feeling Lucky, Bali Bound, French Lace, Turkish Coffee, Like A Boss

Have you guys tried these yet? Which colors do you like or dislike?

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