Neon Orange EOTD 6/17/2013

I've been seeing SO MANY NEON LINERS lately. So, I pulled out my Kyrolan UV Aquacolor Palette.
I wanted something simple, plain eye with a dash of neon orange. So here's what I used: Elf's Eyebrow Lifter & Filler pencil (I used the "lift" end all over my eye and brow bone to give it a basic nude shade) Kryolan's UV Aquacolor Palette (The orange shade) Elf's Studio Kohl Eyeliner and Elf's Mineral Infused Mascara.

This look was EXTREMELY simple to achieve. You can do this with virtually any color, even darker shades suck as brown, navy and black to get a basic simple yet sexy eye look. I chose to add wings, but now I'm wondering what it looks like without...not that I don't like it with the wings, I just wish I had taken pics before adding them to see which look I'd like more. (I guess I'll be doing that soon with a different color!)

Now the Kryolan Palette isn't exactly cheap, however I would suggest saving up for this product if you enjoy long lasting staying power and super bright eyeshadow. The name says it all: It's blacklight reactive. I've used this for Halloween parties and it was a hit! I purchased this from Amy (Sugarpill's founder) a few years ago on eBay. Since she has come out with her own cosmetic line, she has stopped selling Kryolan products on the site. (It makes me sad...I had a HUGE wishlist of things that she once sold...) I have since found a few of these palettes on eBay and Amazon. In my opinion, this palette is around $30.00 and worth every penny. Not to mention, I've been using this palette so long, (I'm a makeup artist for a local photography group) and I have YET TO REACH PAN. So, over a year of use and still going strong! Not too shabby.

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