Oh snap! I stumbled across these on eBay, and I thought, "for under $5.00, I'll give it a shot!" 

  I am SO glad that I did! This kit comes with 12 eye/lip/brow liners. I use all of them for eyeliner, personally. They are smooth and creamy, rich in pigmentation (the cobalt blue isn't as rich as the others, but you can build the color up with a few swipes) and they are GORGEOUS! on eBay, you can find them if you write this in the search bar:

12 Color Glitter Lip Eyebrow Eyeliner Pencil Pen Cosmetic Makeup Beauty Set Kit

 However, there is ONLY one of them with glitter, and that's the gold shade. The rest are chrome and matte. 

Here are some swatches:


I absolutely LOVE these! And under 5 bucks!? Seriously? Oh yeah. These are pencils, so they need sharpening. They are so blendable and pulling or tugging of the skin, light and creamy, and they last all day. I tried to find out more about the company, and I was unable to come up with much at all. So I hope that I can find more of the brand on eBay, since these are amazing and I'm very much desiring more of their products! I simply cannot wait to use these in my upcoming tutorials!!!


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