Elf Precision Liquid Eyeliner!

Oh boy! I'm going to admit something fiercely humiliating: I am absolutely HORRIBLE when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner on myself as well as others. Yep. I'm a makeup artist whose worst fear is doing so. I'm so scared I'm going to stab someone in the eye and murder their sight. This is for serious. I'm kind of klutzy in real life guys...if there was a way to choke on a single grain of rice...I'd be the one to find it. Sorry to crush your image of me guys. I'm so very ungraceful. Sooo I had been trying this liquid eyeliner shit out for a while, and I've failed at every attempt for YEARS. This side is too thick, that side became to thick when I was trying to make it as thick as the other, yada yada, now my whole eyelid is black, oh wait, how in the heck did I get that on the carpet, my arm, my shirt!? Watching me attempt to apply this intimidating product is like watching a drunken clown juggling chainsaws...NOT pretty. Well, I *ahem* have been practicing. For a while. Okay, for like 5 years. I'll admit that I suck, alright? BUT this little $3.00 product has given me a small glimmer of hope! The applicator brush isn't too thin, and it isn't too thick. It's small enough to give me a VERY thin line, (YES! I CAN do this!) Or, a thick line as well. The brush is more sturdy than some of the other liquid eyeliners I've tried. It's a reasonable length too. I am very happy about that! I can control the amount far easier and it doesn't stray. It goes where I tell it to. It didn't flake on me, it actually stayed put...even when I fell asleep meditating. (I didn't mean to, I was super tired!) I awoke the next day to low and behold--it was there. Perfectly. Unsmudged lines in all of their glory. I promptly washed my face, but I was surprised that out of ALL of the eyeliners I had tried, pricey AND cheap, this little tube of awesome STAYED IN PLACE. I seriously thought this wasn't going to do anything for me. Well now I've been practicing more regularly! I'm still not great at it, but I'm going to keep trying with all of my might! If I get pretty good at this stuff, I'm going to replace my black gel liners in my tutorials with this stuff. Baby steps first though, ya know? Thanks to this product, my arms, shirt, carpet, whole eyelids have been spared. I'm going to keep trying guys!

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