Cheap Trendy Bracelets Alert! (Dupe?)

I have been seeing these bracelets floating around on the web, and I completely fell in love. However My budget did NOT. So when I found some alternatives to the ones I had been eyeballing, I nearly did the happy dance!

Here are the bracelets I had been lusting over:
 The cross bracelet is $24.00...on SALE. Yeah, 24 buckaroos that I am not compelled to waste on a stretchy bracelet.
This beautiful beaded bracelet has "love" in cursive with little jewels embedded in the letters. $18.00 on budget says NOPE. Not happening.

When all of a sudden, there appeared a rainbow of affordable hope! I found a set of 3 bracelets.
3 bracelets. One is a cross bracelet, JUST like the first one, jewels and all. (different colored beads though) Another is a "love" bracelet, same font for the word as the other one pictured, same jewels embedded. (Once again, different colored beads) and the third bracelet in the package is one with the "Infinity" symbol, jewel encrusted like the others, with matching beads FOR $5.74 SHIPPING INCLUDED! Shit son, my budget better STFU, because THIS is a bargain! You even have the option to choose between silver OR gold! How about that? You can find this 3 piece set HERE.

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