Milani Powder Eyeshadow Palette in Paint Review

Got my computer fixed, and I'm baaaaaack! <3 During the downtime, I picked up quite a few new things to try out and this palette is one of new faves! Down to business. ;)

These shades pack a wild and colorful punch--they are BOLD, PIGMENTED, and SMOOTH. First things first: I LOVE white eyeshadow as much as the next girl...but often I am let down. I purchase palettes hoping that the white shade will be as true to color as possible even WITHOUT a primer. So when I come across one that is just as bright on the skin as it's presented in the palette, I know that I have a winner. I have goofed around with this palette a couple of times and I have yet to notice ANY fallout whatsoever. The formula is soft, smooth and wonderfully blendable. It's rich pigmentation will make you feel like an artist whose eyes are about to POP with a buttload of bold, matte and beautiful summer shades. It has a neon pink, a vibrant purple, cobalt blue, a neon green, a sunset orange and an In-Your-Face White that I have personally been searching many years for. The colors actually stay true to the shade in the palette without a primer, but primer is still recommended! Here are the pictures of the palette and the beautiful swatches!

These swatches were taken without a primer. I absolutely suggest trying this palette if you are in love with bright colors!

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