Elf (E.L.F.) 80-Piece day to Night Eyeshadow Palette Review

Gah! My order came in today and I am SO EXCITED! First thing I opened was this palette, of course! I had to swatch all of the best colors for you guys! (Just wait for some tutorials!) First and foremost: The chrome colors in the palette are SEXY. I mean, they are bold, neutral, and outright SEXY. I'm going to have so much fun with this palette! The original price of this palette is $25.00 and as awesome as it is, I'd say that it's great quality, but you'd be better off getting it while it's on sale or for half off. (as of 4/17/13, it's still $15.00) The brights do show up, but you will need a white eyeshadow primer of course. I noticed 3 shades from this palette that didn't have much pigmentation on my skin. The shades were various pale pinks. (They DID show up, but they were faint.) The neutrals were beautiful, especially the chrome/metallics as I have previously mentioned. The brights such as the neon blue, neon pink, neon green etc. showed up noticeably without a primer. I didn't have enough arm space to swatch everything, so I swatched the brightest and boldest of the palette. ;) I am absolutely going to enjoy this purchase! (will be wearing the neutral metallic shades for work tomorrow!)

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