Dear Readers: Sorry For My Absence...

Dearest Readers,

I am terribly sorry for my absence the past month. My boyfriend of 3 years and I split up, he moved out and I am preparing to relocate as well. Breakups are a sad thing to go through, but they make you stronger. I had to take some time for myself, and during this time I realized HOW MUCH I MISS YOU ALL. Some of you have emailed me well wishes and words of support--I thank you for keeping me in your thoughts, your prayers and/or positive vibes and your understanding. I just needed some time to pack and sort things out. However, I am ready to come back and blog some new tutorials and give you some reviews and swatches on some of the current things I have fallen in love with! I hope you guys are ready for a pop of color!

                              With Love,
                                              Nikki <3

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