Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smoky Ivy Green Tutorial Using Elf Cosmetics

So, you guys have probably already figured out that green is my fave color of all time. Well, here's a very dark smoky green tutorial for those of you who love green as much as I do! Step 1: Prime those pretty eyelids using Elf's Eyelid Primer in Champagne.
Step 2 & 3: Take a black eyeliner such as Elf's Studio Kohl Eyeliner, and Apply heavily to your lash line and eyelid. This doesn't have to be perfect, we will be blending it with a brush! Blend with an eyeshadow brush.
Step 4: Take Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow in Earthy, and dab all over the entire eyelid, and blend upwards and outwards for a smoky effect. Run the mineral eyeshadow underneath your lower lash line as well.
Step 5: Use the green transformer shade from Elf's Studio Eye Transformer, and apply the color to the upwards edge of the earthy shade, so that there is less space between your eyelid and your brows. Don't fill all the way in however, we will be using one more color to fill the empty space with. Blend upwards.
Step 6: Use the yellow Transformer shade to fill in the the brow bone area. Blend into the lower green transformer shade.
Step 7: Use a Black eyeliner such as Elf's Cream Eyeliner to create a wing, and line your upper lash line, and lower waterline.
Step 8: Coat your eyelashes with a black mascara such as Elf's Lash Extending Mascara.
Step 9: Choose a light nude pink or nude brown lipstick such as Elf's Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural. Go over it with a nice light nude lip gloss such as Elf's Studio Minty Lip Gloss in Miami.
And there you have it! The green shades have iridescent shimmer and change colors in the light. It's an interesting touch to the usual "smoky eye look." The finished look!
What do you guys think? have any of you tried Elf's Eye Transformer?
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