Revlon PHOTOREADY in Pop Art

I am kind of disappointed in this product. I enjoy a few of the Revlon lippies I have purchased recently, but this product was a complete MISS with me. Green is my favorite color, and I love wearing it having red hair. (Yeah, I know...It makes me look like a walking Christmas decoration, ha ha!) But some of the colors felt And the ONE shade in this palette that caught my eye wasn't worth the price. :( The "Primer" shade in this palette is just a lightly iridescent white eyeshadow...and it doesn't work as a "Primer" at all.(You will still need a primer, PERIOD...and I would suggest using a white primer so these colors can have a bit more payoff.) The gold shade barely shows up unless you use a good amount of product, The brown shade is just alright, and the main eyelid shade of green is okay as well. Not great, just okay. You need a lot of product for it to show up bright and pigmented, and it REALLY loses what pigmentation it has when blended. The "Sparkle Top Coat" is pretty enough to redeem this palette...BUT there isn't much of it, and it has a grainy texture. Bought it thinking, "Awesome!" Put it down, thinking "Meh." There are plenty of decent palettes out there with nice green shades, and I would suggest skipping this one. If the price was a tad cheaper, I wouldn't have felt so bad buying it...but yeah. you get the picture. If you have tried these palettes and have enjoyed your purchase, I am glad that you do! These aren't for me though, so I will be putting it in the pile of "DO NOT WANTS" and maybe I'll trade someone for something else I'd like to try. Anywhoo, on to the swatches!
Have you tried any of these PhotoReady palettes? What shades were they, and what did you think of them? I wouldn't mind trying another at some point, to see if the quality is the same!

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