Punky Purple Cut Crease Using Elf Cosmetics

I have been using a TON of purple lately, and so I thought I'd share this look with you. Step 1: Prime your eyelids with a good primer such as Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer.
Step 2: Sweep Elf's Purple Passion Studio Eyeshadow all over your eyelid.
Step 3: Take Elf's Studio Cream Eyeliner in Punk Purple and draw a smooth line on your crease. Quickly blend it upwards as it sets rather fast.
Step 4: Take the shade Amethyst by Elf and layer over the Punk Purple eyeliner. Don't forget to blend upwards!
Step 5: Take Elf's mineral Eyeshadow in Royale, and layer a small amount over the Amethyst. Blend upwards.
Step 6: Take Elf's mineral Eyeshadow in Elegant and use as a highlight under the eyebrow. Blend downwards into the purple.
Step 7. Draw a winged line on your upper lash line, using a black eyeliner such as Elf's Studio Cream Eyeliner.
Step 8: Finish the look with a good mascara such as Elf's Mineral Infused Mascara.
I hope you enjoy! :)

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