I Want To Feature YOU On My Blog!

I have been getting so many emails from you, Dearest Readers! You guys read my blog, and are so kind in your emails, that I want EVERYONE to hear and/or see your fave budget beauty products! If you want to be featured on my blog, here's what you need to do! Take a picture of yourself with makeup. Email me the picture with a list of ALL of the products you used, and list your FAVE budget cosmetic item and why you love it so much! This could be your favorite lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, blush, etc. I will choose a new person each month to list on my sidebar along with the products you used and why you love your fave product. You guys read about the products that I personally love, so I want to know what products you guys love! I am so excited to see what you guys mail me. :) It will give everyone a chance to see what other people are crazy about, and maybe we can all share some information on new products to try. :) My email is listed in the sidebar of my blog in the "contact" section!

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