Elf's New Long lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow

Alright gals, I was SO excited to finally have a go at these! For those of you who don't enjoy glitter and/or shimmer, this product is absolutely not for you. For those of you who happen to love both shimmer and glitter, YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE! These work so well as a base, as an eyeshadow, or even on top of a darker or similar color to give it more of a "glam" finish. I love these so much that I can't wait to make some new tutorials for you all! They are of a mousse-like texture...bouncy and just a small amount does the job. Soiree and Festivity just happen to be my faves, and I will have to wear them both tomorrow. :) You will need a good primer ladies, to keep these in place. I am in awe of just how pretty these really are swatched on skin. They are lightweight, but due to the shimmer, they attract light so very much! Here they are, from left to right: Toast, Gala, Confetti, Festivity, Soiree, Party, Celebration

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