Elf's Mineral Facial Cleanser

I'm about to go on raving like a mad woman over how nice this stuff is! I love it. I. LOVE. IT. Let me start with the ONLY downfall of this product: We all know that feel when you are washing your face and you have been scrubbing for a bit only to find out that you look like a raccoon and there is black all up around your eye sockets. You've been scrubbing your face RAW and there is still some stubborn makeup all up in your business, trying to make you wish that you were born without a face. You were there once! Well, this facial cleanser is NOT a makeup remover. The trick to taking off your makeup is using an Oil cleanser OR using makeup remover wipes BEFORE using this product. I always remove my makeup with Elf's Makeup remover Cleansing Cloths, and then I follow up with this little gem. :) It leaves my face feeling soft and clean but not the stingy/tingly/astringent clean. It's a fresh clean. it feels FRESH and NICE and like you have just woken up in a field full of poppies...or roses. (Or whatever your location's climate naturally grows) It has so many ingredients that LOVE your skin, such as: Aloe, Green Tea, Jojoba, Avocado, & Vitamin E. At first glance, I was thrown off by it being a powder cleanser instead of a liquid or a cream. It made me remember that powder soap from Elementary School in art class. That soap was gross and grimy, and weird...and it would be absurd to put that crap on one's face. I tried it out, and it left my skin feeling happy which meant I was happy! I forgot all about those bad childhood memories of the "weird" soap. I have VERY sensitive skin, and although I was bracing for a rash/dry flaky skin/etc. Absolutely nothing happened. which is a WIN in my book! You only need a small amount in your palm, and you just mix a small amount of water into the powder in your hand then apply directly to a wet face. Lather, and rinse. You can do it again for good measure if you'd like, but seriously, a little really does go a long way! I have been using the same bottle for 2 months, and I STILL have quite a bit left. :) I have 2 backups of this product. Yep, i love it so much, I had to buy 2 when they had a sale.

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