Double Eyeliner Look

Asmuch as I absolutely LOVE to wear some bright and bold eyeshadow, on my "lazy" days, I like to keep it simple. So, short and sweet and to the point: Double eyeliner. In this look, I used Elf's Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black and I made a silver eyeliner line using Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow in Angelic and Elf's Makeup Lock & seal. Step 1: Line your eyes with an eyeliner such as Elf's Black Studio Cream Eyeliner.
Step 2: Squeeze out a few drops of Elf's Makeup Lock & Seal in it's little cup or onto some plastic.
Step 3: Take Elf's Mineral Eyeshadow in any color. (I'm using Angelic) Put a small amount on your brush and Mix it with the Makeup Lock & seal. Apply it as eyeliner above the previous eyeliner.
And there you have it! Try using different colors, and be your own makeup artist! :)

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