Dark Glam Look Using Elf Cosmetics (Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow!)

It's official: I am uber-addicted to these little pots of awesome. Oh man, these are so FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I was just goofing around, and I thought I'd share this with you all. Step 1: Prime your pretty eyelids with Elf's mineral Eyeshadow Primer.
Step 2: Take Elf's Eye Brightening Eyeshadow Quad in Drama and use the black shade to cover the entire eyelid up to the crease. Also swipe a little bit of the shade under your lower lash line.
Step 3: Take the second darkest color in the quad, and line your crease with it and blend upwards.
Step 4: Now dip your brush into the Shimmery light silver shade and cover your brow bone area. Blend downwards into the darker silver shade.
Step 5: Take Elf's Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Party and sweep across your eyelids over the black shade. Don't forget to go over the black on the lower lash line with it. ;)
Step 6: Take Elf's Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in celebration and sweep it over the dark grey shade.
Step 7: Take elf's Long-lasting Eyeshadow in Confetti and highlight your brow bone on top of the light silver shade.
Step 8: Line your eyes with a wing, and coat those lashes in an awesome mascara, and there you have it!
Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

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