All of Elf's Baked Blushes Review and Swatches!

I FINALLY was able to order the rest of the Baked Blush. I'd been waiting for what feels like FOR-EV-VER. These are so pretty! They do have a LOT of shimmer to them, so you would only need a small amount on your brush to give you that "oh-so-happy" glow. These do have an amazing staying power, although I would still suggest using a setting spray and applying over a primed face. The only downfall with these are simply the selection of colors. It would be nice if they added a rose-red or mauve to the mix. They are all of a pink/peach scheme when applied. I personally love these, because they give a subtle flush if not overly done. I also will repurchase when I run out, but these are of a decent size, so I can't say that would be any time soon. In other words, there is a good amount of product here for your buck, and that's what this blog is all about! Here are the colors from left to right, top to bottom: Pinktastic, Rich Rose, Passion Pink, Peachy Cheeky
Which colors do you guys like the most?

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