ELF Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer

So...I'm going to tell you guys a VERY humiliating story. I adopted a female ferret to keep my male ferret company. However, she has a habit of putting him in his place so to speak when he acts up. They were play fighting right under my feet next to my stairs and I went to grab one of them and BANGED my head on the rail. (Owwww...) I have the biggest most disgusting bruise on my forehead, and my neighbors are probably thinking that my guy beats me. (Not true whatsoever) It's humiliating. I have even caught my boyfriend staring at my forehead when I talk to him...ugh. I had recently ordered a few different shades of the Maximum Coverage Concealer out of curiosity and because it's a new product. It works! I first apply my Mineral Infused Face Primer, and then I apply the Maximum Coverage Concealer followed by a dusting of the Mineral Booster to set it. Humiliating Bruise all gone. :)These pics are taken 2 days after said bruise. Here are the Before and After pics: After
Here are the shades I purchased(Nude, Sand, Porcelain):
I recommend these for everyone! Honestly, I'm running out of foundation...so I may use these for a bit until my order comes in. The concealer is oil free, so it won't make you shiny. :) It does need a powder to set it if you need it for a decent amount of skin. I would recommend using the Mineral Booster in translucent. I can't believe I actually posted a picture of my goofy looking bruised forehead on the internets...oh well. Hooray for ELF!

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