ELF Essential Lipstick

I have mixed feelings about these. I have 3 of these and I feel like I should order more to get a better feel about this product. Overall, the colors I have are nice, and they do the job, not to mention the fact that they are affordable. The color Fearless has helped me out greatly during burlesque/pinup photo sessions. It takes some scrubbing of the lips to get it off though, but for most of us a long-lasting color is A MUST. The other colors I have are Captivating and Charming. These 2 colors are very similar however, the shade difference is so slight that one wouldn't need to purchase both. I enjoy the lipsticks because the shades are a light and muted mauve pink. The color goes on sheer but is easy to build up. They have a slightly creamy texture, and they glide on pretty even. My only complaint is the fact that I went to swatch the red one a second ago for pics for this post and it literally broke in half. I have had that shade for 3 months though, so honestly I don't have much room to complain...it's seen a lot of use in it's day. My suggestion with any lipstick is to use a brush when applying any lipstick simply because it makes the product last longer and go farther. Fearless is a super bright red lippie for only $1.00 and it would be perfect for those who love red lipstick, for use with a costume, or any rockabilly gals. The other 2 shades Captivating and Charming are a sweet innocent romantic nude shade, so they would be great for those who want a more natural look or just a sheer compliment to their natural lip shades. I personally do not use these often, usually just for photo shoots, but to be fair, I'm more of a gloss/balm kinda girl, so I actually only wear 1 lipstick (ELF Mineral Lipsticks) in the case that I do actually want more coverage on my lips. If you are new to lipsticks or are experimenting with lipsticks, I would suggest the Mineral Lipsticks from ELF rather than these, but the red Essential Lipstick shade in Fearless is awesome if you are looking for a true rich red shade, and I would suggest that shade simply because the Mineral line doesn't have a "True Red." From left to Right: Fearless, Charming, Captivating

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