ELF Baked Blush in Rich Rose Review and Swatch

Every single time I go to purchase these on the website, they are usually out of stock. I FINALLY got the chance to purchase one in Rich Rose, but the others were STILL out of stock and that must mean that these are pretty awesome if they are so hard to get my hands on! I actually love this color...it's lightweight, pigmented and very easy to blend. At first look, it's 2 different shades before swatching. It's a brown and pink rose color and it's marbled. The two colors come together to form a beautiful pink shade. I have only used this with a primer, and it's lasted 9 hours at least. (I am also using Makeup Mist & Set.) This honestly makes me want to keep an eye open for the other ones to become available. I loved this enough to use for my upcoming photo shoot. I'm sure it will look lovely on the girls. :) I really like this shade and the blush formula itself is pretty great! Let me know what you think!

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