Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheap Awesome Bold Color Palette!

I ordered this on Ebay a while back, and I just thought I'd let you guys know about this! This is the Miss Rose Delicately Wet/Dry Eyeshadow palette! This palette is PERFECT for those of you who want to play with color...and I'm not talking about muted colors, in fact I'm referring to quite the opposite! This has Purples, Blues, Reds, Yellows, Magentas, Pinks, Oranges, and they are metallic. Now at first glance, this palette looks cheap. Like "there is no way that pigment is gonna last," cheap.You will be in for such a surprise! These colors are bold, and this is NOT your grandmother's palette! The shadows are a powder, but at first touch they turn into a cream. I was shocked and thrilled! I figured it would be powdery and such mess! Nope, not at all. You don't even have to RUB your fingers in it! The only downfall is that it can be hard to get enough color on your brush (when dry) to apply it. I use clean fingers to apply this, or I use them wet. The colors are marbled together, so it's kind of a surprise to see what it's really going to look like. The cream spreads evenly and boldly. The staying power is truly amazing, and now I'm planning an order for some of the other palettes! (Glitter and shimmer palettes and even the baked stuff) Here are some pics:
Here is the link to the palette on eBay. It's on sale even, and they have more than 10 so there is a good chance to be able to get one if it's something you feel like you can't pass up!
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