Beauty on A Budget and Higher End Brands

Ah, the higher end makeup brands. I myself have a love for TooFaced, MAC and Urban Decay. I have personally wanted to try CARGO, but every single time I visit Sephora, I seem to be in a hurry and I just never actually get around to it. Well ladies, there are a few sites to check upon every now and again. For instance, I found this Eyeshadow quad by CARGO for $12.00 and it retails on their site for $30.00 CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? No joke. This site has eyeshadow pens, and lip glosses of the brand CARGO for $9.00 and under. This is honestly how I purchase my high-end cosmetics. I wait for a sale, or I simply try to find it on another site for way cheaper! (I am frugal after all.) If you like CARGO, or wanted to try some of the line for way cheaper than Sephora sells it, here you go. Let me know if you purchase anything or have any recommendations! I am currently deciding on what to try. I kind of have my heart set on the Eyeshadow Quad! :) I will try to keep everyone updated with all of the sales I find on the net, so that you guys can get a head's up on the good stuff! ;) Here's the link: Keep checking out the site every few days for new beauty items to appear. They also sell Urban Decay, The Balm, and ELF products quite often, so it's very worth checking up on often, as things sell out really quickly here! (No wonder, lol)

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