NYX Box of Eyeshadows Review/swatches/reasons to love it!

Oh boy, I got this out yesterday and I seriously played with it for a while! I hadn't used this palette much, and I felt kind of bad for it. With all of the other new makeup stuffs, I kind of put this one on the back burner...BUT today I was reminded of why I purchased it in the first place. :)I bought this palette when I was looking for something neutral and at the same time something that could be loud and bold. I wanted to have that one palette that could do "it all" and be of great quality within my budget. I purchased this 112 color palette on Amazon for $25.00, and the pigments are pretty, some shimmer, some matte, long lasting and of good variety. This is a must have for anyone who loves makeup! If used with a primer, there's no creasing and the bright colors look nice and vibrant! (reds, yellows, blues, purples, pinks, greens)If you too are looking for a palette that can create subtle smokey looks and crazy-fun-in-your-face-let's-have-an-80's-party looks, it's right here. All you need is some color coordination and some imagination! I think I will be using this palette often. I can't believe that I had forgotten about it! Well, anywho it's more than worth the money, and is wonderful for newbies and pros alike. :) See for yourselves! (Don't judge my crazy eye looks...I was bored, and I was trying to show off the colors. Also, when using the bright eyeshadow I had used the White Primer Base by NYX. (it's the whitest primer I have found and it really holds the color true to itself! I use this and Kryolan's Aquacolor in white to achieve the truest to color of my eyeshadows that I can possibly get) I did not swatch every color. That would have taken me a while, so I swatched a variety of shades to give
you an idea of what this palette is all about.

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