Makeup Academy Professional Palette in Poptastic

I stumbled across this brand via Ebay. I decided to try it out, and boy oh boy! I think I fell in love! I am actually picking out which other palettes by MUA Professional that I want to try out next! The colors are so bright and vibrant! Absolutely a great deal for the price! I LOVE bold colors, and this palette is so me. The colors did last through an outdoor modeling shoot. (5 hours sweating in 100 degree weather) and I was amazed that it did!) If you are bold and adventurous, this palette is for you. Think Pink and Purple, Yellow and Green, Blue and pink, Purple and Gold!
You can build up the color easily. These are all matte. The eBay seller's name is 0voguendiva0 Here is the link to the item on eBay:

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