Sunday, September 30, 2012

ELF's Studio Single Eyeshadows

I can't believe I hadn't reviewed these yet! I have seriously been slacking on my reviews. I LOVE these because the colors are VERY pigmented, and most of the shades are earthy tones. Buttercream and Sunset are probably my two faves, but Pebble falls close behind them. They do have a few super bright colors (Purple Passion, Totally Teal) however, I wish that they had more brights to choose from. With the 2 bright shades, they show up so well even without a primer. As for the more neutral shades, I would suggest using a primer to keep them fresh looking. (One color faded on me throughout the day, but I was sweating due to the heat and I had forgotten to use a primer.) With a primer these do not crease, and they are very easy to blend. (I was hesitant to purchase these though, I had purchased a few of the older palettes back in the day and the color payoff was absolutely terrible, and I was afraid that these would be the same formula. Thank goodness they weren't!) I use these in my tutorials often, and I find myself giving away my extras to friends who really enjoy the pigmentation. I will repurchase as long as the formula remains the same. Enough of my blabbering though, ON TO THE PICTURES! From left to right: Raspberry, Saddle, Amethyst, Pebble, Sunset, Purple Passion, Sea Blue, Wild Wheat, Coffee Bean, Totally Teal,
and all by itself: Buttercream
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