E.L.F.'s Baked Eyeshadow Palette in California

I swear guys, this brand keeps getting better and better! I can't wait for them to put up even more new products on their site! These palettes are $10.00 on the US site, and they are wonderfully pigmented and lightweight! I had a HUGE order, so it was kind of hard to decide what to swatch/review in what order, hahaha. I will be wearing this eyeshadow EVERYDAY for quite some time. My top 3 eyeshadows of all time are the Mineral Loose eyeshadows by ELF, Mineral Pressed eyeshadows by ELF and the Baked Eyeshadows by ELF. I can't say enough good things about this eyeshadow. It's nice and sheer but buildable, it's pretty and has some glitter/shimmer and these eyeshadows are soft and blendable. I know I am supposed to review it...but it gets 10 stars in my book. This is a winning product, and I am going to buy another to have as a backup. (No joke) I am even going to buy extras to give as Christmas gifts. THAT is how much I love this product. You will have to try it out for yourself to see what I mean. It has made it's way from my makeup bag to my purse/heart. Yeah. Here are some pics and swatches. If you are looking for some nice nude colors with a hint of sexy shimmer, look no further. (My boyfriend keeps telling me how pretty my eyes are since I've put it on) This is going to be a staple in my collection, and a must-use in our photo shoots! I took these swatches outside, and it was a rainy cloudy day. I wish it had been sunny, these would have shown up far more beautiful!

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