E.L.F. Palette in Cool (No longer available on the website)

I am posting this because I had gotten lucky and found this for a good deal at a Big Lots store. This is no longer on the website, but I believe you can still find it on Amazon and Ebay. The colors are so pretty! I was skeptical of their pigmentation before unboxing it, but I paid $5.00 for it, so for the price I felt it was worth trying out. These are highly rich in color, matte (Whoo! it's so hard to find pretty matte palattes nowadays!) 82 shades ranging in yellows, greens, purples, blues and monochrome. One thing is for certain: You will need a PRIMER for these. Most shades are such a light color, even though they are pigmented, I personally think the primer will hold the color longer, make every color "pop" to it's fullest potential, and keep from creasing. These colors will work for many a "smokey eye" look. If you are bold and of courageous spirit, you could add a bright hue to your usual smokey eye look for a bit of fun. I was so excited after I opened it...the green row was hidden when I purchased it, and it's my fave color! I may post a pic of the greens I used...lol. I am pleased with this purchase. I am doing my best to not be too fond of this palatte though...due to the fact that it is discontinued.

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