Monday, September 10, 2012

Ebay Gel Liner Pots (Amazing!)

I kept seeing these on ebay, and my curiosity took hold. I purchased 5 of these and I absolutely LOVE them! I use them for eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyeshadow base, and decorative skin paint for photo shoots etc. The quality is wonderful for the price! Some are matte and some have small glitter. (The peach-pink has gold glitter and the fuchsia has a small amount of blue-ish purple glitter) These are blendable, but you have to do it quickly before they dry! They are also water proof and budge proof, even without a primer. I have worn these to many parties and not only did the color stay put, but I kept getting compliments and questions as to where I got them and how much. The colors I purchased are: #03, #28, #15, #09, and #21. They are $3.99 each with free shipping! The seller's name is TAMANALA
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