Beauty To Go Palette in Night on the Town

I have quite a few of these palettes, and this one is my favorite by far! I can't help it ladies, I LOVE dark, sultry, seductive eye makeup. I found this in the clearance section at Walmart. It was $ cool is that? I bought 3 different ones. Don't judge me... Alright. It seems that with most of the colors on these types of palettes are Hit and Miss. This specific palette actually has good pigmentation. The only color I have a complaint about is the light matte nude shade. It didn't show up without primer, but I am sure that having some on would make a difference. The other shades are VERY pretty. They are easy to build up, have some shimmer and glitter, and would be ideal for a soft glittery smokey eye. The nude shimmers are honestly so nice that I am wearing them to work tomorrow. The lip gloss in the palette is well pigmented also. The colors are easy to build and they complement the eyehadows quite well. The blush is VERY pigmented...seriously, easy does it gals!!!(It's a nice color too...but too much of it will make you look WAAAY overdone...)

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